Green tea is a drink that has been around for centuries. It is consumed in many different cultures to this day, and there are many reasons why people love it so much! benefits of green Tea for the mind and the body.

Studies show that green tea can help prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading throughout the body. In some cases, it may even have a protective effect on healthy cells. The antioxidant properties of green tea also offer protection against free radicals in the brain- something we all want to protect! This article will go over the ten benefits of green tea.

Green tea is a natural antioxidant

Natural antioxidants are essential for many reasons, but it’s beneficial in terms of cancer prevention. Green tea is a natural antioxidant and can fight against free radicals that may cause oxidative damage to healthy cells.

Green tea prevents brain cell death

There is caffeine in green tea, which makes you think it could be harmful to your brain; However, this tea has been found to protect our brain cells from death by preventing oxidative damage and by releasing anti-inflammatory rather than inflammatory molecules.

Green tea can help with weight control

Green tea tends to be a popular drink choice among the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean populations, and it is now commonly consumed in the United States, too. Despite its popularity, its effects on health and weight loss are still being studied and debated. 

The weight loss effects of green tea have been studied in a number of randomized control trials, but the results are conflicting. some studies found that green tea drinkers lost more weight than those who didn’t, while others found no difference in weight loss between the two groups. One study even found that the weight loss effect of green tea was limited to lean body mass.

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Green tea can help lower cholesterol

Some studies show that drinking a cup of green tea per day may be exactly what the doctor ordered for people with high cholesterol, it is believed to increase “good” HDL cholesterol while lowering “bad” cholesterol LDL. Green tea can also help lower triglycerides and increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that aids fat digestion and helps fight insulin resistance.

It can prevent tooth decay

Studies show that green tea may protect teeth from cavities by reducing plaque and slowing down the bacterial growth that causes decay. green tea can also improve dental health by lowering dry mouth caused by a lack of saliva and bacteria, leading to more plaque buildup and inflammation.

Helpful for asthma

A study published in 2014 found that drinking green tea was beneficial for people who have asthma. green tea reduced lung inflammation and even prevented the effects of oxidative stress on cells in the airways, which is usually what causes a bronchial spasm or an attack.

 benefits of green tea for skin acne

Studies have shown that green tea may help reduce acne as well as psoriasis. green tea may protect the skin and improve its complexion because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help fight against free radicals, which can cause redness or lead to acne breakouts.

Green tea is a natural sedative

Studies have also shown that green tea could work as an alternative for people who have insomnia. Green tea has a natural sedative effect on the body and can help you fall asleep.

Green tea may help reduce anxiety levels

Studies have also shown that green tea consumption is associated with lower rates of depression and reductions in stress hormones- which means less anxiety! green tea can also be a calming drink to take before exercise because it boosts energy levels and can help with mental clarity.

Green tea may even have some benefits for your teeth

Some research shows that green tea could be a great choice to use as a mouthwash, or simply, in general, has been shown to protect against oral microorganisms that cause enamel decay, gingivitis. , plaque buildup and other dental problems. It’s also a great alternative to using mouthwash if you’re concerned about the alcohol content in it, which could lead to dry mouth, another cause of plaque buildup!

How to make a healthy cup of green tea

To make a healthy and tasty cup of green tea, follow these steps:

-The water you use for your green drink should be between 160 to 180 degrees Celsius. 

-Steep the leaves in this hot water only for 2 or 3 minutes (do not over steep it). Overstepping may cause the flavor to go bitter. 

-Add two grams of tea leaves per 177mls of boiled tap water (adding more tea leaves will result in an overly strong taste). be sure that there is enough room at the top if all liquid evaporates before steeping, the time has elapsed, and it won’t burn during the brewing phase). This ratio produces a flavorful yet still mild-tasting brew with no bitterness from overcooking.

How much green tea should you drink a day?

Few people know exactly how much to drink each day. There is no standard amount, but the general rule is that people should drink four to six cups of green tea each day. For most people, that means having two cups in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

If you are not sure how much you should drink, try drinking a cup of green tea each morning, one for lunch and one for dinner. If you don’t feel enough during the day, you can always have a second cup after you get home.

What is a great time to drink green tea? 

Certain compounds in inexperienced tea can also additionally inhibit the absorption of iron and different minerals, so it is fine to drink it during meals. Plus, the caffeine content material can motive sleep disturbances while fed on earlier than bedtime. 

Does green tea darken pores and skin?

 There’s a natural pigment on your pores and skin referred to as melanin, which determines your pores and skin color. Melanin is genetic. There’s no medical proof that hyperlinks intake of tea with darkening of the pores and skin. So, in case the parable remains engraved on your mind, it is time to allow it to cross for good. 

Can I wash my face with green tea? 

It’s been flaunted as a therapy for the whole lot starting from zits to aging pores and skin. … While its pores and skin advantages do paintings nicely from the internal out, inexperienced tea also can be used topically to your pores and skin. I like to apply inexperienced tea for a clean face wash or as an antioxidant-wealthy addition to my clay face masks. 

Does green tea get rid of pimples scars?

One of the principal aspect consequences of pimples is an infection, and this infection can also additionally motive sores that similarly become zits scars. This compound is powerful at decreasing pores and skin infection. … a examination posted in 2017 discovered that a compound–polyphenols found in inexperienced tea is understood to help pores and skin health.

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